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InfiRay Outdoor

InfiRay Outdoor :: BOLT Series (AC80) Laser Rangefinder

InfiRay Outdoor :: BOLT Series (AC80) Laser Rangefinder

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The InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1 Infrared Laser Rangefinding Module seamlessly integrates with BOLT V2 and BOLT SE Series thermal rifle scopes through a wireless connection. This advanced module eliminates the need for guesswork in range estimation, offering precise results day or night. 


Rangefinder Accuracy (yd)

±1yd out to 1,200yd

Laser Wavelength (nm)  900-908 (Eye-safe)
Laser Pointer (nm) 650
Connection Type Bluetooth Yes
Power Supply Battery Type RCR123
Operating Time on Battery Pack (hr) 3+
Environmental Characteristics Degree of Protection (IP Code)  IP67
Operating Temperature Range (°F) N/A
Weight & Size Dimensions (in) 3.74 × 3.62 × 3.35
Weight (lb) 0.375
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